"Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts: the whole earth is full of His Glory" Isa. 6: 3 "Glory to the Highest name, that is above every name" [Phil 2: 1-11] "JESUS, Yahushua Ha Mashiach" [John 3: 16-21] Sight established on June /20/13
"Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts: the whole earth is full of His Glory" Isa. 6: 3 "Glory to the Highest name, that is above every name" [Phil 2: 1-11]"JESUS, Yahushua Ha Mashiach" [John 3: 16-21]    Sight established on June /20/13

"The Hidden Treasures Of Dark Places"





“Jesus, Hidden Treasures of Darkness”

(Isaiah 45:1; II Cor. 4:1-7)

Where is your heart; for the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked, who can know it, only I can try the rains of the heart. [Jer17: 9] Once more I ask you where is your heart? Is, it in the so called treasures, riches of this world? If it is, then the treasures-riches of my heart is far from you. Do you not know me, and what I died for, and now long for its completion? For I finished my work on this earth when I died, and was resurrected, and now I sit at the right hand of the Father ever interceding for you.


After, my resurrection I even I, came back with instructions to feed my sheep. To prepare my bride to compleat the call


[Jn 21: 1-25] with instructions [feed my sheep] for my beloved Church, to complete the call, and good work I have begun in you.


Which is to full fill the Great Commission, proclaiming that I Jesus, was crucified died, and was buried then resurrected on the third day to bring salvation to Zion; and the world.i

"Do you not see' the veil has been removed so you can see our Father in heaven; do you not see you must step beyond the veil to see my face." A mystery revealed.


Moreover, on the third day I was raised from the dead, and came back to commission my beloved church. For I am your righteousness, and my chosen disciples who know my sayings (parables) must teach, share, and declare my words of salvation to Zion and the world. (You declare and proclaim out of contex, eveything but the message of the good news-my word. You have put the cart before the horse. V.18 ALL power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. V.19 “Go you therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit: V.20 “Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen, (Matthew 28:18-20)

Instead some of you teach the worlds ways of-prosperity.

Instead of Kingdom prosperity, distorting the work of my kingdom! Not my will be done on earth as it is in heaven, your ever twisting the meaning of my will, my word at every turn. You promote earthly needs, above spiritual needs. You are teaching a path to fulfill the lust of the flesh, which is a path that leads to destruction, because you do not know me! You have not put my kingdom first and my righteousness, living by faith, and not sight! So that all these other things shall be added to you.


Some of you, in leadership have not, drawn near to me, there for you do not know me, for it is your free will, and choice, that draws me to you!

Knowing full well that my ways are higher than man’s ways, for I desire obedience rather than sacrifice. Like Abrahams faith, your faith, must, be tested and tried also. Will you forsake all and fallow me?

When you do, then I can, and will, perform miracles for you.


For it is my good will and pleasure to do all these things for you! For it is your faith in the blood I shed on the cross that moves mountains, the miracles you desire to see fulfilled in your lives; are performed according to your faith in me. Do you not understand I AM the same yesterday, today and forever?   

"The-mystery of the hidden treasures" 

          {Too fold, too sides of a coin}              

Hidden (treasures) are the lost hurting and dying of the world. Do you not see this, for this is the only thing I cannot have, or cannot do without you, unless you freely give me your will!"  You must freely choose to preach the gospel.


"I have all power, and I can choose and give you the power to get wealth, and the riches of this world. However, it is not wealth, or riches, that I desire for you, and from you, my chosen few!


Only my deciples (sons) know what I long for, what I died for, and they are the hidden treasures of this world, who are the lost, hurting, and dyeing of this world. I died that they might live. My sheep (sons) hear my voice and another they will not fallow. Moreover, I choose to give my Father the one and only thing my, Father in heaven desires above all things-manifested-sons!

"That thy birth fourth kingdom children into the kingdom of God to overflowing!"


Note: 6/12/2018 The Lord gave me this message to place hear-after I heard Kent Christmas prophecy for 2018, then He said hear a little, their a little but I give the increase.

Then He said via the Holy Spirit over and over again Line upon line, untill i looked up Isa 28 verse 13 and then I read the whole chapter. WOW! So much confirmation...date was 6/18/14


Why is North Korea opening up? First and formost to preach the gospel.(Mk14: 9)

To open wide Father Gods heavenly portals and Gods gates for the lost hurting and dying of this world to come into the kingdom of God!


Then all theses other things shall be added to you. Then I will give you the hidden riches of dark places first the spiritual riches. Then only the tried who have past the test will I release [natural, mineral, wealth] hidden riches of this world to futher my Kingdom.

I will only release this wealth to my gate keepers men and women who have died to self so others might live.


1.Some will be intrusted with my lambs that have come-out of darkness. "In to my marvelous light"


2.Others will be intrusted with matrial wealth to futher my kingdom, becoming porthols of distrabution; throughout the world. [Ps. 84: 10,]

Theses portholes-gates are from the throne room of grace a direct connection to the Father by my manifested sons.

'My sons will have my DNA."

"My Devine-Nature and Authority."


NOTE: However, be warned that Lusifer is a counterfiter and his deciples are trasformed into angles of light! This diception has been on going, since I warned my deciples while I was with them on earth. GREED is this ruling spirits name all are lying spirits for the Truth is not in them!


"Remember, you must reject the things of this world as I did, for when you accept me as your savior then you must pick up your cross daily and fallow me. For not all who enter my kingdom will be sons, for not all will obey the Father, living by faith, forsaking all, to fallow me. Yet, they have accepted me as their savior, and their hearts are mine, and they are very preciou,I am long suffering, therefor I will recive them into my bosum to nurture and care for. Remembe your reward is with me and the mystry is you mesure your own reward...Rev 22: 12,"


"For many have been called but to few choose to be chosen (to be-sons) for the cost is a high calling in Christ Jesus.

It is your choice to choose the narrow way; for broad is the way that leads to destruction. My church, my beloved bride, will, by the Holy Spirit be the conduit which is the means of transmitting the Fathers will for their lives, birthing fourth mature sons who have retained their crowns. They all will enter into the kingdom of their God with great rejoicing’ as they inherit the kingdom of their God as joint heirs with Christ Jesus, the only begotten Son of the Father.


"I AM, that IAM the same yesterday, today, and forever."


For, I, even I was conceived by the Holy Spirit and so shall you be, hear in lays a great mystery, I had to die that you might live, that you might pick up your cross dayly and fallow me, born again to die to self that others might live a reserrection life-to set the captives free by the power of the greater one Christ Jesus that is in you. Your cry will be less of me Lord more of you!


"Now by the Holy Spirit and by the washing of the water of the word. After my bodys training and purifacation, my worrier bride will, birth fourth spirit filled sons into the kingdom of God, for they will drink from the same cup I did, and feed by the Holy Spirit the living word of God daily. My precious bride cleansed, and purified for my use.

Taught by the Holy Spirit to obey, to hear my voice and no other."


“For the manifested sons of God have put on the mind of Christ walking in the spirit, not full filling the lust of the flesh, willingly rejecting the temptations of this world, forsaking all to fallow me, Jesus." [ICor 2:16; Romans 8:1-17] “For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” [Rom 8: 6]In the Holy Ghost. As I the Prince of Peace will bring peace to the world, so shall my beloved carry my mantle of peace which is the covering of my blood.


Now we are partake of the living waters that are flowing freely from the throne room of grace, in this hour. Prepare and stand fast to your confession of faith, for in order to succeed and overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of your testimony. “You will have to live by faith, and not sight.”


Cast off the old and put on the new cloak of wisdom that I am breathing on you, so that the shaking of my body, will ignite and wake from her slumber. My church slumbers because the enemy has had a choke hold on her, cutting off her air supply, fogging her brain with false doctrine; so she slumbers! Arise and shine, arise wake from your slumber and fight the good fight of faith for I AM with you and I will never leave you or forsake you. I shake you, to wake you, there is much for you to do, this is not the end but the beginning it is time for the Spirit and the bride to say come. Rejoice and again I say rejoice!





We are to give all honour to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and not to man. Just because you think man seems so very, very nice, therefor you are drawn to them and their ministery. Which is full of dead works, teaching fear, causing fear, and profiting from fear! (they call this being prepared for the storm ahead)!


As they continue to give hounor to dead man's works. Hear this, and hear this well, all men have fallen short of the glory of God. You are not, able to judge the heart. This is why the Holy Spirit was sent, so that we do not lean to our own understanding, but, acknowlage Him, in all your ways, and he-Jesus will direct our path, and the Holy Spirit that is now with us will lead and guide you to the truth. Who is Jesus-the "Prince of Peace" who will be with you, through any, and all storm's.


Do you think it is possable in the natural to prepare mankind for all natural storms? Remember this, Jesus is the way, truth, and life, and no one comes to the Father but by Jesus, and nothing is impossable for Him. Place your faith in the Lord and him alone. For their is no other way, for fear has torment. Their is no fear in faith, but fear is the opposite of faith. Perfect love cast out all fear.


When you fallow  man you go back words and are destined to repeat your same mistakes (sins) over, and over, again. Since the fall of man, mankind fears change because their are voices speeking to man, confusing him, nolonger just the one voice of God, but multiple voices.


We who are born again by the Holy Spirit become like little children, once again trying to walk for the first time! Falling at times, as we are learn to walk, we learn to trust in our parents still small voice. Then as we continue trusting in His voice-word, he encourags us with the words of our Father Gods voice. Do not be weary in well doing for in due season you shall reap, a harvest of souls.


As we study we will eventually learn to walk and then run. Beloved, place your trust in the Living word, and Him alone, for He never changes for he is the same yeaterday, today and forever.


"Mankind is still suffering from Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah's (sydrome) the sin of pride and unbelief".


Now beloved please remind yourself of what happened when Jesus fell asleep on the boat and a storm came up, and the deciples were very afraid and woke the Lord up, and the Lord said to them why, do you fear, do you not know who is with you? Oh you of little faith!


"As long as you see God, through mans eyes and not through the Holy Spirit, God's love will be past your understanding."


Please read the poem that is on the side of this page titled "The Storms of Life"  The Lord loves us, and he wants us to hear His Voice first and formost, and no other. Fear not my beloved for I will never leave you or forsake you.




Be not afraid for fear has torment! Be of good cheer and confident in knowing that in tribbulation I have over come the world.


As the storms come and they will, place your trust in Jesus for if you love him, he is in the boat with you and he will work all things out for our, your good. We are winners, not losers!  Remember God always uses the most unlikely vessels, for instance a sheperd boy named David and a son of a carpenter named Jesus who turned out to be Gods only begotten son, and most of his deciples were fisher men, even a tax collector, then he called Saul who was persecuting christains who became Paul. Please do not judge the book by it's cover.


Before I make any kind of major decision's like voting I ask the Holy Spirit for greater disernment and then I vote or what-ever. I always fallow that still small voice, for peace always comes to me, after I obey God. Beloved, remember this, that no matter what you see, hear, or feel our God knows the beginning and end of all things he is in total control. Rejoice always in the good and bad times, peace be still and know that He is God.


"Stay humble before God and he will exualt you in due time."

Also if you are humble you can care less about being exualted, for your one desire is to give all glory to the Lord to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.




"Please note this, when I was young in the Lord I went to man for a word from the Lord. I learned very quickly that this was a mistake! For as a baby christain I was venrable to false doctrain because I did not study the word of God to make myself approved a workmen unto God, yet! However, I got down on my knees one day and asked the Holy Spirit to please teach me the word of God, for I finlly had enfugh of the confusing words I was reciving from diffrent churches and ministries!


Remember this, that God is a God of Love and not the author of confussion but peace and a sound mind. [1 Cor. 14: 33] ' By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another". [Jn 13: 35] 


Scriptures: More will be placed hear as I am led.

Matt 13: 22, Matt 20: 16, 22: 14; Rom 8:1-39; 1Cor 1: 27,28;James 2: 1-26,By


"Search the scripture for yourself and see the glorious way the cross the blood of Jesus brought liberty (Jas 1:25) to all who will belive; that God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe in him shall have eternal life". John 3: 1-21, The glory is in the believing. James 1:1-27,


Note: I will add more scriptures later for there are many and I felt an urgency to post this word to night.”

Date started completion 9/5/16 E. C.


" I will soon write more about the manifested sons of God for they will be obvious, for they reflect Jesus Love. "Love is the Key"  church. Moreover, they will have no other God's before them."

"The Storm's of Life"

The storms of life...Matt. 8: 23-27


I see the storms of life whipping and lashing out at me beating at the ship that I am in.


"...Then I remember that I am not alone..."


I walk over to the corner Jesus is asleep in, I lay down next to Him resting my head on His sholder trusting, believing in Him.


"Then He speaks to the storm...PEACE BE STILL, and know that I AM GOD." Ps. 46:10


Inspired by the Holy Spirit,

         (Written by)

      Evelyn Colarelli


Note: Remember always the shoulder is the symbol of strength...now rest your head (troubled mind) on his shoulder-trusting and believing in His strength. Let the weak say I am strong because of our Lord Jesus.




Please note: I am NOT a none profit organazation, for I am about my Fathers business and everything I do in Jesus name prospers, weather I see hear or feel it for i live by faith not sight.


Note: definition of profit 1. to be of use: BENEFIT, 2. to derive benefit : GAIN



Note: Beloved, I am no longer of this world, Therefor it is not expedient for me to declare I am nonprofit, for this would be agreeing with the enemy and giving him place, for he is the god of this world.



Nonprofit-not conducted or maintained for the purpose of making a profit.



The enemy is so wily he will make you think the worlds way is right, for it is lawful! (LIKE ABORTION) But, my God's way is higher then man's ways.

Ponder on theses scriptures Matt. 16: 23-28,


Futher comment: I found out some time ago via Mark Taylor on youtube that the 5013c non profit bill also supports abortion.  Date 3/22/19

The Lord is calling us to sperate our selves and STOP agreeing with the enemy. 


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