"Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts: the whole earth is full of His Glory" Isa. 6: 3 "Glory to the Highest name, that is above every name" [Phil 2: 1-11] "JESUS, Yahushua Ha Mashiach" [John 3: 16-21] Sight established on June /20/13
"Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts: the whole earth is full of His Glory" Isa. 6: 3 "Glory to the Highest name, that is above every name" [Phil 2: 1-11]"JESUS, Yahushua Ha Mashiach" [John 3: 16-21]    Sight established on June /20/13

"........Thank's Giving Prayer........"

"Come as a little child"


Be Thankful & Rejoice


Father we pray in your Son Jesus Christ name humbly summiting this prayer to you.


That we might better know your perfect will for our life and that we might grow in your great grace, and mercy, for we cannot earn ether.


Please, Father help us to "forgive" others and our-selves as you have forgiven us. Help us to see and be thankful, accepting, rejoicing  in all things!


"Whether they are bad or good for all things work together for our good". 


Help us to see past our selfish, self-centered ways and to aspire to your ways, for your ways are higher than our ways.


Help us to be thankful for your light that shines in dark places expeling the darkness in and from us. Than, as your light shines' so bright in us, inspite of us Lord-that your marvlious light in us will bring all honor, and glory to you' for you are the greater one in us.


Father, Son, and Holy Spirit you who are one, we rejoice because of your infinite mercy and great grace for us, were so thankful that we two will be one with you one day.


Greatful and happy were united in you as we willing sumit to your will be done in our earthen vessel as it is in heaven.


For soon, so very soon throughout all eternity we will proclaim all honor, glory are yours for every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Amen


Please-note:anger, resentment, unforgiveness, impedes' prayer.

(Definition of impede: to interfere with the progress of.)



                                                                                (Written by)

                                                               Evelyn Colarelli


                                                              Edit: 1/14/2015



Our Father who art in heaven

                Intimacy is a Key              



We pray as are hearts beat, in other words the intents, desires, and motives of the heart come forth in our prayers…and are refined as we draw close to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, transformed daily to love one another as they love us, by the renewing of are mind. The intents of the heart are then, purified by are proximity to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are now nolonger an island unto our-self and no longer of this world but we are now born anew, heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ destained to become sons' of God by the renewing of our minds by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 8: 1-39


For beloved, we do not, know how to pray. Romans 8: 1-14, 26, 27; Gal 4:6; Rom 8-1-39 We must come to Him in prayer with a pure heart, a heart that has repented for any sin or sin's we have commited, becomeing righteous because of his righteousness (acting or being in accordance with what is just, honorable, and free from guilt or wrong: UPRIGHT) before Him, as we humble are self under the mighty hand of God and pray. 2 Chr. 7: 14, definition of-upright, morally correct: JUST) for beloved the just shall live by faith. Hab. 2: 4

Beloved when we come to Jesus and are filled with the Holy Spirit we are nolonger are own, but bought with a price and when we sin we have an avocate with the Father  which is our Lord Jesus Christ...and the Holy Spirit will convict us of all sin.


Beloved the Holy Spirit will never, never invade our space, it is up to us to ask, seek, knock, and we will find more of the Fathers magnificent' never ending  love that never changes. His mercy, and great grace always there for us. Matt 7: 7-11


By E. C.


Note: The Holy Spirit is always critiquing me, that is why you will see words change and scriptures  added from time to time...for beloved none of us have arrived, yet! We should be humble, teachable and in the learning mode listening at all time's, waiting to hear that still small voice that leads and guides us into the truth and in the way we should go.


"The Storm's of Life"

The storms of life...Matt. 8: 23-27


I see the storms of life whipping and lashing out at me beating at the ship that I am in.


"...Then I remember that I am not alone..."


I walk over to the corner Jesus is asleep in, I lay down next to Him resting my head on His sholder trusting, believing in Him.


"Then He speaks to the storm...PEACE BE STILL, and know that I AM GOD." Ps. 46:10


Inspired by the Holy Spirit,

         (Written by)

      Evelyn Colarelli


Note: Remember always the shoulder is the symbol of strength...now rest your head (troubled mind) on his shoulder-trusting and believing in His strength. Let the weak say I am strong because of our Lord Jesus.




Please note: I am NOT a none profit organazation, for I am about my Fathers business and everything I do in Jesus name prospers, weather I see hear or feel it for i live by faith not sight.


Note: definition of profit 1. to be of use: BENEFIT, 2. to derive benefit : GAIN



Note: Beloved, I am no longer of this world, Therefor it is not expedient for me to declare I am nonprofit, for this would be agreeing with the enemy and giving him place, for he is the god of this world.



Nonprofit-not conducted or maintained for the purpose of making a profit.



The enemy is so wily he will make you think the worlds way is right, for it is lawful! (LIKE ABORTION) But, my God's way is higher then man's ways.

Ponder on theses scriptures Matt. 16: 23-28,


Futher comment: I found out some time ago via Mark Taylor on youtube that the 5013c non profit bill also supports abortion.  Date 3/22/19

The Lord is calling us to sperate our selves and STOP agreeing with the enemy. 


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