"Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts: the whole earth is full of His Glory" Isa. 6: 3 "Glory to the Highest name, that is above every name" [Phil 2: 1-11] "JESUS, Yahushua Ha Mashiach" [John 3: 16-21] Sight established on June /20/13
"Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts: the whole earth is full of His Glory" Isa. 6: 3 "Glory to the Highest name, that is above every name" [Phil 2: 1-11]"JESUS, Yahushua Ha Mashiach" [John 3: 16-21]    Sight established on June /20/13

        "The Lords Heart is Weeping' for the Children"


“The Children”


Hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to the church, beloved we have a wonderful opportunity to prove who we are in Christ Jesus, by believing God’s word, that all things work together for are good and that what the enemy means for evil our God will turn to good. We must, embracing the illegals that are crossing are borders with the Love of Jesus for if we do not it will leave a void for the enemy to fill. The Lord said if we embrace with His Love, it would replace the aborted ones the enemy has stolen from us, and many will come in to the Kingdom of God and America will be replenished and the aborted ones and their little lives will not have been in vain. Beloved, we must be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. LOVE IS THE KEY, do you believe, if you do, we must put are faith in action. Wake up church, has your heart become so hard you cannot hear the Lord weeping for the lost hurting children, come out of your comfortable homes and embrace the children for God so loved-the world that he gave his only begotten son for them, who are we to denigh them, the salvation that was freely given us'! Holy Spirit open our harts, minds, and our eyes that we can see the lost and lonely, hurting and dying. For we have become comfortable and blinded in the worlds false prosperity, we have become horders in every corner of are homes and lives filled with excess'es. The illegals only need the basic things of life water, food, medical, and a desent place to rest their heads and most of all the demostration of the Gospel which is the Love of God poured over them! The enemy can try and try and stop us from preaching the gosple but they cannot stop His love through us, the only way to dispel darkness is through His marvelous light...the only way to overcome evil is with good. Amen, Rom 5: 5-8,




"The Storm's of Life"

The storms of life...Matt. 8: 23-27


I see the storms of life whipping and lashing out at me beating at the ship that I am in.


"...Then I remember that I am not alone..."


I walk over to the corner Jesus is asleep in, I lay down next to Him resting my head on His sholder trusting, believing in Him.


"Then He speaks to the storm...PEACE BE STILL, and know that I AM GOD." Ps. 46:10


Inspired by the Holy Spirit,

         (Written by)

      Evelyn Colarelli


Note: Remember always the shoulder is the symbol of strength...now rest your head (troubled mind) on his shoulder-trusting and believing in His strength. Let the weak say I am strong because of our Lord Jesus.




Please note: I am NOT a none profit organazation, for I am about my Fathers business and everything I do in Jesus name prospers, weather I see hear or feel it for i live by faith not sight.


Note: definition of profit 1. to be of use: BENEFIT, 2. to derive benefit : GAIN



Note: Beloved, I am no longer of this world, Therefor it is not expedient for me to declare I am nonprofit, for this would be agreeing with the enemy and giving him place, for he is the god of this world.



Nonprofit-not conducted or maintained for the purpose of making a profit.



The enemy is so wily he will make you think the worlds way is right, for it is lawful! (LIKE ABORTION) But, my God's way is higher then man's ways.

Ponder on theses scriptures Matt. 16: 23-28,


Futher comment: I found out some time ago via Mark Taylor on youtube that the 5013c non profit bill also supports abortion.  Date 3/22/19

The Lord is calling us to sperate our selves and STOP agreeing with the enemy. 


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