"Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts: the whole earth is full of His Glory" Isa. 6: 3 "Glory to the Highest name, that is above every name" [Phil 2: 1-11] "JESUS-YESHUA OUR SALVATION AND IN HIM WILL I TRUST" ( Isa 12: 2, John 3:16-21] {Sight established on June 2013}
"Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts: the whole earth is full of His Glory" Isa. 6: 3 "Glory to the Highest name, that is above every name" [Phil 2: 1-11]"JESUS-YESHUA OUR SALVATION AND IN HIM  WILL I TRUST"( Isa 12: 2,  John 3:16-21]   {Sight established on June  2013}

TESTIMONY OF THE LORD'S BRIDE, JEW AND GENTILE IS NOW, COMING FOURTH IN THIS HOUR, ...I am not a Prophit. However, the Holy Spirit shows me things to come. John 16: 13,

DATE 9/30/22

COMMENT: I wish to state that everything I have written on this website has been fully documented and copy-written to make sure that the ministries that have been trying to copy what the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have been revealing to me are secure with dates and times theses messages were delivered. Moreover, they are secure in heaven with the completion of these messages, and will not be published on my website. Let them spin their wheels on Esther, Moses, and now Elijah for what I have to say, it is all in the word of God they're just blinded to it.! All I can say is do not mess with the Holy Spirit. You truly are the foolish ones, you think you know him but you did not prepare your hearts for him, and your oil runs dry. "You can only understand the TRUTH if you know the truth for he is the way truth and the life and knows one can come to the Father but by him. For he is the way the truth and life-his name is Jesus our Yeshua. MY PRAYER IS THAT ALL REPENT AND TURN FROM YOUR WICKED WAYS. 


I want to say one more thing to Jane H. about the discernment she has, also I am very sorry you were abused as a young child but so was I, what does that say that the enemy goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he might devour? The young are easy prey.  I regress let me get back to the topic-After Kim Clement gave you a word about your discernment <making a long story short> the Leaders in your stepfather's church laid hands on you to activate your discernment! WOW! It makes me wonder what man activated Esther, Moses, Elijah, and so many others in the bible, who activated them!?

Didn't you hear about Pentecost?


I would rather the Holy Spirit activate me, which he did, for no man laid hands on me, my Lord made sure of this, because we live by faith among false profits in parlous times. Now I want to point out that before the recession in 2008 I was led by the Holy Spirit to tune in to TBN, I had been asking the Lord if we would go into a recession in 2008 and his answer was yes. When I heard Jan Crouch ask Kim Clement if we are going into a recession, I thought the Lord was confirming his word to me that we would go into a recession. However, Kim said we would not. go into a recession.! I found out later that Kim Clement was WRONG.


So who J. H. is the young profit, Kim Clement, that prophesied you would be a watchman. Apparently for your father inlaws church? Oh let us not be amiss I must mention you were young and you were being readied to birth in the prophetic movement! <Now please everyone go to the YouTube video titled Jane Hamon: Decerning Snakes and Wolves in the Flock> These false prophets copy what's on my website putting their twist-spin on it. Oh, you have such great discernment that you believed Kim Clement's word for you? Oh, she must have believed because she has many other words posted on YouTube about her discernment. At this time I didn't know one way or another whether he was true or not, for I knew little of him when he prophesied we WOULD NOT go into a recession, You see according to this new prophetic movement you do not have to be accurate! Now you decide you choose. Watch on YouTube titled Kim Clement-Devils Doctrain-Satans Star on TBN,



Oh by the way Jane Haman oh' excuse me, Hamon,

ministers with such wonderful accurate discernment! That she ministers with Copeland, they love Joel Osteen and Benny Henn,...and let us not forget their newest darling "Kent Christmas, ON AND ON, IT GOES THE-WORD OF FAITH GOSPEL, IS HER ESTHER CHURCH, WHEN JESUS CHRISTS CHURCH IS SO MUCH MORE, THEN ONE PORTION OF THE BIBLE. However, excuse me for your word of faith people are known to pick and choose what is truth and then twist the word from Geneses to Revelation to suit you. 


You do not want us to talk about you, and your false prophets. However, I am not in your den of wolves in sheep's clothing and vipers' nests. Besides my Lord had no trouble calling it like it was, he even overturned the money changers table in the temple. 


I was almost deceived as a young Christain, but the elect can't be deceived. The reason, the bride of Jesus Christ cannot be deceived, is because she rightly divides the Holy Word of God. She has been cleansed and purified by the washing of Hyssop-Gods Holy Word of Truth, washed by the water of the Word by the Holy Spirit, now her heart is set on setting the captives free, wherever she goes at work, in sickness, or at play wherever she goes for she lives by faith not what she sees, hears or feels, but by the TRUTH in her.  Her light shines so brightly that it glorifies her Father in heaven, she is the salt of the earth. She is humble because she has learned to obey through the things she has suffered. She has been made low so she can look up and see that her redemption draws near.


JEW AND GENTILE BRIDE GET READY, for one put's a thousand to flight and two ten thousand be encouraged and stand your ground and do exploits just where you are, setting the captives free from sin and death to live for eternity with Jesus, amen and shalom Beloved ones. E. C.


"Remember if the Jews had not rejected their Messiah, the gentiles could not be saved. For what the enemy means for evil God turns to good, this must frustrate the enemy to no end! Beloved, if God is for us who can be against us? (Romans 8: 31, KJV)


I want to remind you of Kim Clement's sudden death, was very unexpected!? My God will not be mocked! For as one false leader falls one after another to the wayside. Over and over again yet, you continue to attribute the working of the flesh to my Holy Spirit no more lying to, or about my precious Holy Spirit! NO MORE! DO YOU HEAR THE SHOUT-NO MORE! Heed the word of the lord. 



"Jesus prepared his disciples, and Satan is preparing his. You Choose what God you serve. For Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. The Holy Spirit is leading and guiding the Lord Jesus beloved, in the way she shall go, for her steps are ordered by the Lord. Wake up and come out from among them and be separated. The great awaking will take place, but not as some professed it would. The church is not dead but alive and well, for she is hidden in him her Lord Jesus Christ. Revival comes to those that need to be revived."

"I am so sure the enemy will try and twist and put their spin on The great awaking"


"They will have free rain after the bride leaves, but not on my watch."



The first mistake Satan made was when he thought he could outmaneuver the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit only gave the false ones enough to get them all excited about the word coming from little ole me, for I am nothing in the big scheme of things! However, the Lord uses the weak to confound the strong. Every word that was ever given to me by the Holy Spirit was given to defeating the enemy in my life, that I overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. "Now the enemy is exposed there is nowhere to go, except to their fables. Watch now so-called watchmen on the wall, Watch what the Holy Spirit is saying now!


Jane Hamon has declared she is Esther! I will place her initials hear J. H. Remember she is not Hamen but Hamon! DATE 9/30/2022, I say what is the difference? 



DATE 9/29/2022

As I have been in prayer about all the false prophets in the land who have been exposed and it seems nothing is done about them! I heard these words in my heart over and over again!


"THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING."  This quote was given when Germany was told the world wouldn't intervene to save Jews. This once again genocide is happening all over the world corruption, death the killing of babies in the womb were sanctioned for fear of losing their tax-exempt churches and governments. For example, the church has been asleep in its prosperity as the Word of faith gospel continues even after many men and women have been exposed, to too many warnings about them! I am listing a few men and women who have been sounding the alarm on-YouTube videos, BLESSINGS to the few who are and have been sounding the alarm.


"Judgment begins with the house of God."


(1) Youtube video titled Covid-19 The Modern Prophets and Faith Healers utterly Destroyed by COVID 19

Justen Peters ministries, April 14, 2022


(2)YouTube titled Paula White, Donald Trump, Jim Jones, and MRS MOON. YouTube video Paula White Hit's a new low. Dec. 11, 2020, YouTube video Who is Paula White? Narrated by Josh Johnson/Now This Dec, 18, 2019-The Cassion of Government.


There are several videos of Paula White endorsing the Moons whose husband and wife confess that he is the Son of God and the woman says she is the Holy Spirit. "Paula White is Trump's spiritual adviser!" 


(3)YouTube titled-Benny Hinn Paula White Sinful Affair-facts


(4) YouTube video titled-Benny Hinn's Nephew Explains why he wouldn't give money to his uncle's ministry

Lord keep t men and women safe in your hands as they continue to expose these false men and women. 


I could list many more videos on the Word of Faith false gospel you check them out for yourself and decide. What God do you serve, God or Mamon? Justen Peters's videos reveal many false prophets and he explains in great detail who these false ones are. David Wilkerson also warned us of false prophets about the great falling away before he passed away. These are just a few mentioned here. God bless these men and women who are warning us about the false ones. 





NOTE: Today was directed to YouTube to watch several videos which corroborate and confirm even over and above what I had already seen. I will share all the videos as soon as possible! Continue to reread this message still correcting and adding. Date 9/27/22 love you dear ones. I feel so blessed to share my life with you. Thank you, my beloved Lord, amen. PLEASE CHECK THESE VIDEOS OUT FOR YOURSELF. 


These men and women who I am exposing have been exposed by others on YouTube before me and on TV. I am just expressing my experience with them throughout the many years as part of my testimony for I saw with my own eyes and heard with my ears what I am sharing here with you. I am really sad that these men and women do not repent and turn from their wicked ways. I believe sincerely that my Lord is separating the light-sheep, from the goat's darkness and he has from the beginning from Genes to Revelation, and Cain and Able are an example. After this small part of my testimony, If it was up to me I would not mention them again. However, the Holy Spirit leads and guides me. If not prompted by the Lord I would not mention them at all. Jesus never had a problem exposing the Sadducees or Pharisees in his day overturning the money changers' table or warning us that in the last days that there would be perilous times with false apostles and prophets. My Lord is not a coward, he called it as he saw them a den of wolves and viper's nests and they hung him on the cross for speaking the truth. Date 9/25/2022,


Date 9/26/2022, This is the word of the Lord to me this morning is-The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.  Exodus 14: 14; Proverbs 31: 36, (I believe Exodus 14: 14, was given to remind me that he is still defending me with his outstretched arm and fist of iron. The Holy Spirit always reminds me to be still and know that he is God.)

Proverbs 31: 26, was given to me to humble me and remind me who I am in Christ Jesus. 'Why because I lost my temper with a precious brother in Christ! He knows who he is, and I want him to know I am sorry for my outburst. I tried to apologize by phone, but no answer. Forgive me. Love and blessings dear ones, amen


Completed on 9/21/2022,


DATE: 9/12/2022. I desire to make it clear that I do not claim that I am anyone special, I am just a student of the word of God and I just want to bring all honor, glory, and praise to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for revealing to me who they are. Now I want to encourage the Lord's beloved Church with my testimony.

Date 9/11/ 2022, NOTE: Jesus was a new revelation to me in the beginning and he continues to reveal himself to me hear a little there a little, line upon line precept upon precept as I study to make myself approved workmen to God, by the Holy Spirit. As he reveals himself to me all things become new! For instance when he reveals that his church is his bride! I did not understand right away thinking how can a man be a bride. Now he is revealing that when we see him we will become like him sons', not Son of God there is a difference. This revelation is not new just my understanding of it. It is revealed as we study to make our self-approved workmen unto God. One day we will be like him obedient sons, not SON'S. I believe it will take me forever to understand God's ways for his ways are so much higher than my ways. In the meantime, we're not to lean unto our understanding but acknowledge him in all are ways' and he will direct our path. Another glorious example is Isaiah 53: 3, as I hear so many testimonies of God's chosen people by the word in Isaiah 53 now believe in Jesus as their savior this revelation was new to them. But, Christens knew Jesus. The revelation of Jesus was hidden in the Torra in plain sight for all to see! Beloved Jesus makes everything beautiful in his time, not ours. By his love, great grace, and mercy I am a student of his word, just a child, and expect to enter the Kingdom of God as a child with child-like faith. I have so much to learn. once again good night dear ones...still correcting my mistakes by his grace.



(Thank you, beloved bride, of Christ, for your continued love and understanding of me. E. C.)




My prayer, Father God, I know that snake Satan twists your Word, as one of your disciples I know he will try and twist my words. Father, please give me more of your love, mercy, and grace, more of your wisdom, and strength, by your powerful word working in me by the Holy Spirit. that I can overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony. Thank you, thank you!


Father, my heart's desire is for you and you alone! Not for the wealth of the wicked. My desire is for the wealth and riches of your Holy Kingdom that came to us by way of the blood of your only begotten Son Jesus-our Yeshua. I believe the wealth of the wicked is the lost hurting and dying of this world. For where our heart is, that is where our treasures will be also. My heart is with you Father God and your kingdom. Jesus died for the sins of the world, and no greater love than to lay down your life for your brother. Father, we are the hidden treasure in dark places. Until the day star arises in our hearts, the truth sets us free. The treasure the Lord laid down his life for was and is his church-the pearl of great price. 


Father, your Holy Spirit taught me to live by faith and not by what I see, hear or feel. That I am to be content in whatever state I find myself in. I am content Father God, that you go before me to prepare the way and that you have supplied all my needs according to the riches that are in Christ Jesus your Son. 

Father, I question and test the spirit that wants the wealth of the wicked of the world to be transferred to further your kingdom here on earth!


Father your holy word tells us you will keep us from the evil to come! I presume that it is from desiring after the things in this world!


However, Father, your chosen few are not of this world. We who are chosen by you, are to look up for our redemption draws night. All Glory to you Father Son, and Holy Spirit as your Son meets us in the air and you have met our every need to complete the good work you have begun in us. All Glory to you!


Father, you said if I asked you for any good thing you would give it to me. Father many are declaring and proclaiming that you are getting ready to transfer the wealth of the wicked to the church! Father because I know power and wealth corrupt, I doubt the transferring of wealth to the church very much! For you keep your beloved from temptation and deliver us from evil amen.


"I want to make it clear that not all that believe the transfer of wealth are false. I just wanted to make it clear by the Holy Spirit the way we shall go. The enemy tempts us in the same way he tempted Jesus-with power, wealth, riches."


Father my heart no longer desires the wicked's wealth! For I am no longer of this world and the wicked have blood on their hands and they continue to exploit the lost hurting and dying of this world, the widow and the fatherless.


Father, I desire to continue by faith to believe you will supply all my needs according to your riches by Christ Jesus your only begotten Son.


The wealth and riches I seek are not of this world, for I am no longer of this world. The wealth I seek is the riches that come from the knowledge of your word to bring to light that which is hidden until the daystar arises in our hearts and we all come to the fulness of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no new revelation apart from the revelation of Jesus Christ for in the beginning he was there from Genes to Revelation all has been revealed there is no new thing under the sun, no new revelation under the Son.


Father, from Genes to Revelation in this hour you bring to light that which is hidden in plain sight. No new thing under the Son has not been revealed to those who continued in your word-love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness of sins. By the blood sacrifices of God's only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. "Your Sons' last words' were-FATHER, FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO."


Father, please continue to correct and open my understanding of your pure word, For I lean not to my understanding but acknowledge you in all my ways and you will direct my path.


Father please, cover me anew with Jesus' blood-mantel, and empowered me afresh once again with your Holy Spirit, and if there be any wicked way in me remove it. For I am alone and lost without you Jesus and powerless without your Holy Spirit.


Father, continue empowering me-us from on high to do your goodwill and pleasure.


By the tremendous wealth and riches that came to us, by the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our Yeshua the Holy one of Isreal covered us with his blood, the mantle of his love.


Father keep us from the evil to come for I know Satan tempted my Lord Jesus with his kingdom power and the wealth and riches of this world if he would bow down and worship him! I believe Satan is tempting us the bride of Jesus in this same way by offering her power, wealth, and riches of this world. if she would bow down and worship Satan! 'When the enemy tempts man and he will If a man believes Satan's lie it is not to bless man but to curse. For Satan comes but to steal, kill and destroy. To rob the Lord's beloved bride in this hour from her inheritance as he did with Adam and Eve.


However, Jesus overcame Satan through the power of the word in him. Thank you my Lord for sending the Holy Spirit to empower us from on high with the word of God. Amen, and Shalom.

Beloved, we are destined to overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. The Holy Spirit shows us things to come. I know this to be TRUE.

Because he has shown me over and over again what the plans of the enemy were way before the enemy could entrap me, and hold me hostage to a false gospel! How grateful I am for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit's protection! Rejoice beloved of God for no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Amen and Shalom, E. C. DATE 9/13/2022,





Taking a moment to rest...thanks.


TESTIMONY MESSAGE IS NOT FINISHED YET, STILL WRITING AND CORRECTING, Date 9/8/2022 8:02, been at this all day and still haven't checked it all, because I was led to add more I guess the Lord does not realize I am eight-one years old, ha, ha...Oh, that is nothing I hear the Lord's still small voice say-Moses was 80 when he started, and you are one year older!  I say, Lord, that is not funny! Good night everyone. Just in case you did"ent notice I just ate humble pie again.


THE TESTIMONY OF TRUE WORSHIPERS IS EVEN NOW  TAKING PLACE. For God is seekior those who worship him in Spirt (Holy Spirt) and in Truth (Jesus is the Truth) BLESSINGS DEAR ONES. My prayer is that whoever reads this, has put the mind of Christ on. For we are transformed by the renewing of our minds.



Date 9/6/2022, Today I did not plan on giving my testimony just was checking on my website, However, my Lord had other plans. Please note the time is 11:36 PM and I am very tired and not able to check or edit what I just wrote, So please come back later and check to see if, I have made it clearer. Must sleep and rest while still recovering from cancer treatments. "NOW-CANCER FREE." ALL GLORY TO YOU LORD!

Goodnight beloved of God, and be encouraged. 



The Holy Spirit led me to post on my website the beginning of my testimony on 7/5/2022 under the title-The Power of God + Testimony 7/5/2022/ Love as Brilliant as the Son 6/4/2022. He is now confirming and affirming through all the testimonies he led me to hear on YouTube  




(First Word was posted on, Date 8/31/2022, through to 9/2 and 9/7/2022 )


Before I go forward with more of my testimony I want to share this, the Lord led me to YouTube, and as we know there are no coincidences for those who Love the Lord Jesus when he our Lord wants to confirm his word to us.


I was once again led to YouTube on 8/30/2022 and to my amazement, I came across one testimony after another the first one was Johnathan Cahn's (Hope of the world Ministry) testimony, I had heard it before, yet I was compelled to hear it again.  After it was over there was more, one after another Jewish brother and sister in the Lord giving their beautiful, wonderous testimony of how they became a Christain all were posted by Chosen People Ministries on YouTube.     

I highly encourage you to watch Johnathan Chan's testimony titled God crashed into my life and made me new. Then I clicked on the mix by Chosen People Ministries. I also have heard Amir Tsarfat with Behold Isreal and his testimonies there are powerful so beautiful and glorious bringing hope and encouragement to the Lord's beloved both Jew and Genital. 





As the Lord hears your testimonies I believe the angels and even the heavens rejoice with him!


"Now you who are his chosen bride stand your ground you have been placed in the body and no one can take your place there. You are anointed for a time such as this to set the captives free. The time is short for our redemption is drawing near. Remember the battle is the Lords.


"After the rapture, the Lord will lead us in battle when he returns with all his saints. His newly crowned Queen will be like a worrier CLOTHED IN WHITE LINEN COVERED WITH HIS BLOOD (MANTLE), and the banner over her is LOVE-FOR HER LORD JESUS IS HER BELOVED. 


Take note of the ten virgins five are ready with their oil full and they will not impart their oil to the five who are foolish and not ready.


There are many false prophets in the land and the Lord cleaning house and is exposing them to his light.



My Lord Jesus is so close I continue to hear his heartbeat it is getting louder! Yet, I do not know the hour or day of his return. In the meantime, by faith, we are to be about our father's business right where he has placed us. The enemy will try and dislodge us with WORKS of the flesh but we live by FAITH not what we see, hear or feel. 


Beloved do not move or be intimidated by the false ones they are just blowhards threatening the widows and fatherless in their affliction, instead of visiting them! Then there are the false bombastic ones who call themselves generals, prophets, or are called the father of the prophetic! Guess what God is, the Father of all things! Even the prophetic-we have been warned not to call any man Father.


However, their so arrogant and bombastic that they think they can teach the Lord's beloved better than the Holy Spirit can, by opening a school of the prophets, and now they will teach Davidic worship too!  They believe that Jesus cannot come back until his generals, these so-called Aposals prophets will lead the Lord's church into battle, and only they can make the way for Jesus' return! Nowhere in my bible does it imply that man once again prepares the way for the Lord's return and that my Lord is stuck in heaven until the church makes a way for Jesus' return. Hogwash! The precious Holy Spirit is well able to do over and above what we can ask, or think. For he is God. The Holy Spirit is our leader and guide hear on earth.


The enemy has tempted and then elevated these false men and women to hunger and thirst after the things of the world lusting after power and wealth and riches in their desire to become famous! 


]Jesus is cleaning house exposing the false church and the deep state in governments. He is also doing this around the world, by the light of the world who is Jesus righting wrongs. To set the captives free by exposing hidden dirt-sin, like the  rich men that have been exposed for their raping of young girls and women.]


"Now come out from among them (the false church) and be separated. I continue to hear the Lord of Host say."


The Bride is not as visual to the world and has suffered much for the sake of the gospel. She is held back until she is ready for she is hidden in her Lord Jesus, for Jesus is affirming and confirming his word to her opening her eyes to see what was hidden for a time such as this. She has been tested, tried, and found true, now her lord is vindicating her.


Stand your ground beloved of God for together we will live and move and have our being in Him our Lord, our Yeshua. There is great power in the unity of the Holy Spirit for there is no respecter of persons in the body of Jesus-their is only one leader Jesus. Moreover, he is the head of his body and in his body, there is no one above the other. We are all equal in his sight and if you are his, you are content to be in whatever state you find yourself in, for we live by faith. For Jesus is well able to keep his body from the temptation to come, for he goes before us to prepare the way showing us the way we should go keeping all his body safe.


My Goodness, what deliberate abuse of scripture these false ones make! For the Lord sent the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us to the truth the Lord is preparing us for his return, for we are destined to see Him and when we do we will become like him without spot or wrinkle to glorify him. "We are once again made whole a brand new creature because of the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We are predestined to be conformed to his image and likeness and to share in his inheritance" Because only the firstborn male can inherit from his Father. 

Jesus suffered and died for our sins becoming the firstborn of many brethren, freely choosing and willing to die to share his inheritance with his promised bride to pay the price-Dowey that was required of him, which was his life." More mystery is revealed...The Whole earth is moaning and groaning waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. For in a twinkle of an eye, the bride of Jesus Christ will see him as he is and she will become like him.  (A new creature in Christ Jesus)-she will live and move and have her being in him, walking in the Spirit no longer fulfilling the lust of the flesh. A brand new creature in Christ Jesus. (When taught by the Holy Spirit the word is no longer a mystery but made manifest.)


Jesus can be gentle as a sheep at times, but be aware and fear God for he can be like a roaring lion defending his beloved promised bride via the power of the Holy Spirit. "I know this to be the truth because when he said he would defend me with his, outstretched arm and fist of iron! He did it right away because I was a baby Christian newly widowed, and my children and I were being hurt and confused by this false doctrine, I was desperate, hurting, and in much pain spiritual and naturally, so much hurt and confusion because the false church they did not express Gods love and mercy I cried out for the Lord's help, and he did, over and above what I could ask or think.


"However there were conditions, I had to learn to be willing to love, pray and forgive my enemies and do good to those who persecute and despitefully use me and this did not happen overnight. I learned to obey through the things I suffered. Because he knew my heart more than I did, he defended me instantly when I asked him to! He did not leave me in the dark abandoned and alone as I had been alone all my life! In his mercy showed me what happened to them after he dealt with them, and it was not a pretty sight or unto death, because my Lord had me pray for them and because I continue to warn them, in the love of Jesus, their blood is not or will it be on my hands. Beloved, heed the word of the Lord for his ways are higher than our ways and vengeance is the Lord's.




When I was ready in his love, he said he was sending me to minister to the wolves in sheep's clothing and viper's nests, via their website.  They were all connected to B. H. at Christain International and the Word of Faith's false gospel movement.


Note: every time the Lord led me to do something for him I protested! Because it seemed to be through a weakness I had! "For instance WRITING!"


Only later did I notice this, they were all connected. However, it did not take me long to see this pattern emerging! By God's grace, mercy, and love I still cried out for them to repent and turn from their wicked ways. Even now when the Lord has said for me to dust off my feet and not look back I am so very sad for them.


I did not think I was ready to minister in any way shape or form still don't. However, I grew up very fast in the Lord, kicking and weeping in protest not knowing all the ways of the Lord or understanding just obeying the Lord by faith.


Note this, believe me, when I say this, the enemy tried his best to push me back into the world and he did for a short time when I found out the so-called church was no better than the world! "BUT GUESS WHAT I HAD THE HOLY SPIRIT IN ME WHO LEADS AND GUIDES ME TO THE TRUTH." Glory, Glory, Glory! I am so thankful no words can express my gratitude for Father Son and Holy Spirits LOVE. Their love continues to sustain and lifts me higher and through the miry clay of all the lies, trials, and tribulations of the enemy the Lord set me on firm ground. Opened my eyes to see the truth that has set me free.


Be encouraged and know when a man points a finger at you in judgment! God judges our hearts and even if we do not know our hearts just like David who committed adultery and then killed a man to cover his sin, remember he was a man after God's own heart that did this!


We too can and will sin but Jesus made a way for us to repent, humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God and turn from our wicked ways, and be forgiven. If you are afraid to lose everything you worked for! What good is it if you gain the whole world and lose your very soul? "Put God's kingdom first and my righteousness then all these other things shall be added unto you." Besides we cannot out-give God, he loves to restore what we have lost.


"The Lord hid me away for a season to heal my broken heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit for I found no help in the world or church. One day I pray I can share this part of my testimony with many out there who come from broken homes and terrible abuse!" Just like I did! Need to know that my God delivers saveand s, heals, broken hearts, and life. Place your brokenness in the potter's hands, for he makes all things new.


"Be encouraged beloved of God, Jesus goes before us to prepare the way and Jesus is the only way, for he is the truth the way to everlasting life and no one comes to the Father but by him.


No weapon formed against us shall prosper. Hell shall not prevail against his church the die is cast  and was cast at the cross IT IS FINISHED." His true disciples deny themself pick up their cross and follow him, not knowing not understanding just simply obeying him for we love him


Do not be one of the foolish virgins unprepared.   

There is only one Holy Spirit any other spirit is not of God. Test the spirits to see whether they be of God. For in this hour God is exposing and separating Good from evil. God is in control he is our salvation. Man is not our salvation. "Our Yeshua, Jesus is our salvation, and in that name that is above every name, we will trust.



"Please do not worry about the election ahead whether Trump is elected or not! God's will, will be done. Trump is just a man and his spiritual leadership are false which is publicly and widely known. It is not gossip that Trump when asked by the press if he repented from his sins he said why should he, he has done nothing wrong.

His spiritual leader P. W. should have told him he was a sinner! However, Paula White doesn't believe she is a sinner for she had an affair with B. H. who publicly admitted to it.




She P. W. was divorced and continues to preach and teach and has remarried to cover her tracks she is very cunning and continues to minister despite it. She was groomed for a time such as this, apparently by the enemy of the gospel of Jesus Christ the unholy Spirit of Satan, it is now known that she became Trump's spiritual adviser many years ago even before he knew he wanted to be president and conveniently she even has an apartment at Trump Towers.


P. W. was set up and encouraged by her prophetic buddies to prophesy to proclaim she was holy via the media on TV at the white house proclaiming, and declaring, like all true believers of the "Word of Faith false gospel do, for they believe they are little Gods for what they say they get.


Her declaring, and proclaiming words were everything she puts her feet on is holy, because she is holy! Therefore the grounds of the white house are holy!  This unholy truth finally unseated her and Trump. My God will not be mocked. If you haven't noticed the false ones are falling like dominoes, like out of nowhere Day Star TV channel's adulterous leader died. My God judges the heart to see if a man has repented.


God is also removing some who have a heart after him which has made them very venerable because of family ties. There being removed from the evil to come.


Believe me when I say whoever is in the White House my God knows the beginning and end of all things. My God can do exceedingly above what we can ask or think he is separating the sheep from the goats. Whatever happens next my God knows the beginning and end of it. 


"Because of all the Holy Spirit has revealed to me. I will only pray that my God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven as the election draws near we must pray before we vote at any election.

Trump is not the prince of peace or our redeemer some of you think he is he is just an imperfect vessel as we all have been. 


"For whatever happens good or evil my God turns what the enemy means for evil into good for those that love him. As long as our faith is in the pure word of God, who is Jesus. All things will work together for our good."


NOTE: All the men and women that are mentioned here have made their actions, and what they think, say, and do public on TV-YouTube Websites and this is where I saw and heard all that I am writing about them hear. It is no secret.  Christain or not they are public figures and made their lives an open book. I am making known that I do not agree with them. I am not the only person to reveal what is written on these pages. Over and over these people have been warned to turn from their wicked ways and they still refuse. 


Before Trump was elected P. W. and Benny Henn committed adultery with each other in Rome and were caught in their adultery by the press and continue to be revered as leaders as part of the Word of Faith movement. This is part of their pattern they let anyone who has sinned against God, come back according to their standards.  However, their not held accountable because there is no one to hold them accountable. This false gospel has grown like cancer with many offshoots and has metastasized throughout the world promoting their false gospel and eventually they will join with others. If you try and expose them they will say you are jealous of P. W. especially if you are a woman. Or threaten you as Crouch did the founder of TBN with Benny Henn screaming at the TV to the people calling them liars Crouch pointing a middle finger at the TV and B. H. saying if he was God he would kill them all pointing at the TV audience! When I saw this it only confirmed what the precious Holy Spirit had been saying and had been revealing to me for years.

Note this, Satan is the prince of the air and he has free rain over the airways in this world and beyond. He will convince the world that there is no right or wrong no good or evil no God no devil, and nothing is demonic!



"Judgment Begins in the house of God first"




However, Satan has already convinced many that the little green men that some have encountered that they just want to help us grow they even might be what humans look like in the future!


The enemy is a liar and the truth is not in him he is a snake and his nature is to twist the word, truth and his disciples do the same. He will fake repentance, he will never forsake all, and follow Jesus taking a back seat and giving back all he has stolen. Then take all the false words in his books off the bookshelves and burn them. This reminds me of another one Jim Baker who complains that millions were taken from him and that they promised to give the money back to him! The money never belonged to him, in the first place, it belongs to the people he fleeced who gave their money thinking they were giving to the work of the Lord, Didn't he understand that he, was working for the kingdom of God and one day he would be held accountable to God? This mindset continues in the word of faith movement. Shall I mention Copeland, Lord? One of the reasons according to  Copeland the reason he has private planes is there are too many demonic people on public planes! I say what! A man that can speak to storms and they dissipate just like that! This is according to his wife Glory! Copeland can't handle demons! I am just testing the spirits to see if they are of God, try it, it works. These false ones make one foolish claim after another. After all, this man has said and done, like we are little gods and you are foolish enough to believe his lies! God help you!  


I just know this, if someone does not hold them all accountable like Joel Olsten for one, for they have disciples everywhere accountable to no one. How can they come to repentance if God does not chastise them? For the enemy of their soul will continually reward them if they bow down and worship him. 


"PLEASE LORD I AM NOT READY FOR THIS, I JUST WANT TO PUNCH THEM ALL IN THE NOSE TO WAKE THEM UP! It is a funny picture of an 81-year-old woman punching a preacher man or woman in the nose!


"I too want to overturn the money changers' tables! I am sensing the Lord's fury for making his Father's house of prayer into a den of thieves!"


TBN is still on the air and so-called men and women who say they serve the Lord still minister from TBN. However, "SURPRISE" Crouch is now gone, and Benny. Henn. is exposed. I just know I could not give TBN any credibility by watching or giving to those who minister there, or my support.

I am not judging others who do minister at TBN but am wary of those who do. If they are of God and belong to the Lord Jesus they might be prepared by the Lord as a different part of the body by the Holy Spirit to go with the good news into this dark place, to set the captives free!  I just know I am warned by the Holy Spirit not to watch and stay away unless the Holy Spirit directs me to watch something or someone who is on TBN-otherwise, I am not interested! I rather watch History Chanel. trying to find Big Foot! TBN is a bigger waste of my time than tip-toeing through the woods with History C. Ha, Ha. that's fun!


"God is in control of everyone and everything under the sun. We are not to go by what we see, hear and feel but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. "Unless you are using the T.P.T. Bible! Goggle this bible, and you test the spirit that wrote it for yourself." 

If I do not follow my commander and chief, Jesus' orders, and I put on natural blinders and stop up my ears and do everything so that I cannot see hear or feel I am not living by faith! Grow up! People see that everyone's sin has made the world ugly and everyone in it. THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH (ROMANS 6:23, KJV) THEN THIS IS HOW THE HOLY SPIRIT EXPLAINED IT TO ME-THE WAGES SIN PAYS IS DEATH. BUT THE GIFT OF GOD IS ETERNAL LIFE. Guess what this means I as a Christain do not have to sow money to be blessed! Wow, what a revelation must tell the "Word of Faith" people! 'Excuse me for being sarcastic, I guess it is better than wanting to punch them in the nose to wake them up! 


If you-we could see what Adam and Eve were like and the garden they lived in, you would see that everything on this earth pales next to what GOD created in the garden of Eden. However, when tempted they wanted more, they wanted to be like God. Why? Because they believed a lie from the enemy. In short Adam and Eve believed God was lying to them. 


Until we are washed by the water of the word by the Holy Spirit we cannot see clearly.

For instance, sin runs rampant it's in the pulpits in every denomination and their unrepented sin stinks to high heaven, yet most people are staying!


I fear no man I fear God.


I know Lord I need to write a book or books of my testimony. Could you give me some help this time? Because I have been through hell and back and have learned to obey through the things I have suffered. I do not want to write a book it's too labor-intensive and time-consuming the one book I wrote has so many writings errs. This book has the first poems and other writings that are now secured and is a testament to how much I have grown in the Lord. I removed it from my website in hopes that my Lord will tell me what to do with it. Personally, the only book that interests me is the Holy Bible KJV. This is the bible the Holy Spirit taught me from. 


Father, I understand that I am not an Island to myself and that others are gifted where I am not. So Father if it is thy will send a brother or sister to help me. Whoever, if you have prepared someone for a time such as this. Thank you, my Lord, never less thy will be done. Amen,


"We his bride all have a place in the body of Christ." I know the truth sets free and it will prevail in us, his bride.


Note this, Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Jesus is the last Elijah (Elijah was known as the profit of fire) and Jesus' love is a consuming fire he has imparted his mantle blood covering-a double portion to his bride. Note: this "Love as Brilliant as the Son consumes the bride and destroys the enemy."


Now you foolish false prophets who do not understand this have not been taught by the Holy Spirit. Jesus' love is past are understanding therefore the only way we can express his love is through his Holy Spirit, by the word in us, the pure gospel expresses his love for us. You shall know them by the Love they have for one another.

Jesus does not growl at us. 


(Date 9/26/20222) Note this even now, on YouTube Prophetic Summit at Oasis church-9/23/22 Kent Chrismas they're trying to duplicate what I am saying here. Kent C. said to the audience that they were Elijah! This is so far from the TRUTH! So very foolish! I do not know why they want to duplicate my words. However, I believe they think I am a prophetess. Well, I am going to say this I am not! The Holy Spirit shows me things to come like any believer who studies the word of God. The Lord is not through revealing this truth to me. 

Jesus has given his power covering to his bride and as she comes together her power will increase, one will put a thousand to flight and two ten thousand and he our Lord will use the weak to confound the strong! Jesus' bride will come forth in Davidic worship as she comes together with the power of the Holy Spirit!  Jew and Gentil BRIDE=DOUBLE PORTION. More to come with confirmation, as the Lord always confirms his word to me. 


The false will try and duplicate true worship but will fail. They so desire to use this for their glory that they will do everything to imitate it, but God will frustrate them and they will fail. When God uses a man or woman it is not to elevate them for they are but human, and to be human is to err. We all fall short, that is why the Holy Spirit humbles the man or women of God that he uses. 


"By the way, the reason we do not see more healings, miracles is that man elevates man when healings take place!"


We are to keep our eyes on the Lord for he is the author and finisher of our faith. As I said before the enemy will again try and mimic worship but will fail because the true bride worships in Spirit (H. S.) and Truth who is Jesus. The false ones do not have the Holy Spirit, but an unholy spirit who operates through the flesh and does not know Jesus the TRUTH. "Why do you think God is seeking those who worship him in Spirit and Truth?" They're few and are hidden in Jesus not easily found. (John 4: 21, 22, 23, 24) 


The Bride will not be enticed with fame or fortune just Like her Lord when he was tempted. Her only desire is to please her lord and as she draws close to her desire, her soon-to-be husband gives her her heart's desire.  He the Holy Spirit is preparing her for battle and when the rapture takes place she will see him and be like him without a spot or wrinkle to glorify the Father through Jesus' blood sacrifice, and the power of the Holy Spirit. The bride is so aware of who she is that she shy's away from people that would elevate her above the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and is drawn to those who have been humbled and truly love the Lord as she does. 



After the rapture at the banqueting table, they will celebrate their union. Then after there, the union is consummated spiritually speaking she will return with her King of Kings and Lord of Lords to do battle with the enemy!  She will rain with him for a thousand years. NOTE others have more revelation of what happens after the rapture of the church. All is being revealed to those who have forsaken all to follow him. "I hear to the Jew first"


"Can you even imagine Jesus returning with an army that is prepared to be just like him? When Jesus said vengeance is mine he meant it." Now go to the book of Revelation and read it and be blessed.


Her reward is with him, she will be crowned queen then she will rule and rain with him for a thousand years as kings and priests on earth because he can trust in her for she has been tried,  tested, and found true and is like him and will rule and rain with him for a thousand years on earth and throughout eternity.


There is no way the Lord can trust in man to complete the good work he has begun in us. Therefore He sent the Holy Spirit to prepare his bride. Because man is a sinner by his fallen nature and we have to be tried and tested to see if the blood covering is still on us, the proof will be when the rapture occurs we will be caught up in the air to meet Jesus then when we see him as he is, we will become like him. Only the Holy Spirit has the power to prepare the Lord's bride to be without spot or wrinkle to glorify him. 

................................................................................... I Will post another message on another Page under,

This title-"The Battle is the Lord's"

"The false will try and are saying they are being prepared to lead the church in battle! " 

DATE 9/11/2022,


Date 9/11/2022, "On this day 9/11/2001, we were all called to repent and turn from your wicked ways! Yet, the foolish refuse to turn from their wicked ways! God, please help us to repent and turn from our wicked ways.

....................................................................................The Holy Spirit has anointed the Lord's beloved bride. She desires to set the captives free before Jesus returns. It is just plain foolish to think that man can replace the Holy Spirit in training the Lord's beloved. The rapture is so very near it's like Jesus is getting ready to stand at the door and knock.


"There is no school of the prophets anymore it was done away with when Jesus sent his Holy Spirit to us. Do not be deceived, for God will not be mocked. Fear God and not man." This word was confirmed to me...will post confirmation hear.


"I hear come out from among them, and be you separated. For many years now and the still small voice is getting louder! The Lord has given time to repent and turn from their wicked ways but in their pride, they refuse!"




Now I have been hearing dust off your feet and let go, and let God. For years the Lord sent me to warn those who despitefully used and persecuted me. Through the Holy Spirit's teaching, I learned to love my enemies and pray for them. The enemy tried and tried to unequally yoke me to them because they saw the anointing on my life even before I did! Trying their best to convince me I needed deliverance accusing me of being a witch for they wanted to control and to use the anointing on my life, thinking I could impart it to them to use it for their glory, and not the Lords.


[Note that Jonathan Chan sent a letter this month, explaining that the mantle we have cannot be imparted to another. Which affirms and confirms what the Lord explained to me.]


"I believe that Jesus' mantle that covers us is his blood. Thank you, Lord, for using your beloved body to confirm your word to me, time and time again in this hour."


The reason the Lord separated me from the church I was going to. Was because when they witnessed for the first time the power coming from me during worship, they desired it, thinking it was the return and the beginning of Divdic worship!


I do not know if this is true about Davidic worship! However, I do know when I was newly filled with the Holy Spirit I got down on my knees at church and asked the Holy Spirit to please help me to worship the Lord for I did not know how! Not long after this, he did, and the training under the Holy Spirit greatly humbled me! Will share this at another time.


'This is all a part of my testimony and why the Lord will not have me impart this worship gift to others, which is now confirmed. 



After this happened because they were part of the prophetic ministry the Lord was warning me about, my Lord separated me from them. To heal me and to set me free from the past before I came to the Lord, and after I came to him. The Holy Spirit began to teach me the word and explained that not all that call Jesus lord will enter the Kingdom of God. 


My friend C. P. who I found out sadly later was not my friend. and was the one that introduced me to this B. H. prophetic ministry, as a new Christian I followed her.

Not knowing she was very committed and deeply involved with them B. H. min. and believed in the word of faith teachers. This is what eventually divided us, for we did not have the same Spirit leading and guiding us.

I found out much later that this friend C P. was not my friend and had issues with Ron. and P. A. who pastored Restoration Life Church the church I had been attending and they had issues with her. They were all wanting first place in the prophetic  movement! 


"However, the Holy Spirit who shows us things to come showed me everything they were up to. 

" Little by little, the first time the Holy Spirit warned me about this prophetic ministry was when the Holy Spirit led me to their B H. website not knowing why? But I obeyed. When B. H. the leader and founder of this ministry began to give his testimony, he began to brag how he told God if God would make him famous he B. H. would serve him all the days of his life! "WOW, this statement hit my heart like a hammer! For my heart said to the Lord when he filled me with his eternal love, Lord I will follow you where ever you lead me. 

I began realizing and putting the puzzle together that this spirit in him was the same spirit that had been persecuting me! Because when this spirit manifested in him it made my heart hurt  I felt my heart hurt in the same way when other ones in the church attacked me! It was so hurtful. 


The next time the Holy Spirit led me to this website which was sometime later. I heard B. H.  mentioning me by name, how he found out I was coming to the barbeque at his church, he then commented that I was Italian and that maybe he should have a spaghetti dinner instead! Ha Ha Ha! I now knew he was talking about me. Laughing joking that maybe God was giving him two wives now! This statement made me sick to my stomach and my heart hurt for his wife Evelyn that was still alive at this time she must have been devastated thinking she wasn't enough! I know I would have been devastated if my husband said this! All this was revealed by the Holy Spirit to me. I do not remember word for word for it has been many years since this took place.


The next time I was led by the Holy Spirit to go to their website B. H.'s wife had passed away. He was saying how God was going to give him a new wife and she would give him a son in his old age! My thought was ok that leaves me out, thank goodness! For I cannot have any more children anyway not having any more children has turned out to be a blessing.


However, this man is so full of himself that he sees himself as Abraham and his next wife as Sara! This man has tried blocking my way forward in the Lord by saying I am his wife to those in his ministry and others that are connected to him by way of the word of faith they believe in! 'Mostly those in the Word of Faith movement. From Day one the enemy tried to discredit me over and over again by calling me a witch because I would not conform to their image and likeness! This became a blessing for the Lord removed me from their reach.


Peace dear ones, just obey, be still, and know that he is God, For the battle is the Lord. Rejoice, for you are being prepared to be as terrible as an army with banners and the banner over you is His love. His blood anointing mantle covers you. Remember you are of Abrahams's seed you live by faith. For without faith it is impossible to please God. Please be encouraged dear ones because if God can use me with all my faults and shortcomings he can and will use anyone.


For he alone knows our hearts and he tests and tries our hearts. We are all equal in his sight for he is the head of the body and the Holy Spirit was sent to lead and guide us, to him to place us in his body to live and move and have our being in him trusting believing that all things work together for our good and to be content in whatever state we find ourself in. 

The enemy will try and unequally yoke us naturally and spiritually to an unbeliever. 


Comment: I tried to correct all my grammar mistakes and will check again to make sure.  More added on 9/6/2022, I will continue to read and reread till all reads as it should. For the Lord continues to use this imperfect vessel.


"Jesus is the last Elijah and he has given his mantle, blood to cover us and we carry a double portion of his love." Revival will come in his time, not ours. He is opening the mysteries of God by the Holy Spirit first to the Jew and then the Gentile for a time such as this.


[Date: 9/21/2022 "I will continue to share my testimony as the Holy Spirit leads me to.] 


Blessings dear ones, E. C. 





(Added and Corrected, on 6/1/2023. or I will  use a (*) to inform  more was added.




EDITED ON 11/5/2022, 12:05 PM. Starting at bottom of the "Storms of Life" Poem. Continued editing and adding a new word. Date 1/15/2023

"Freely I have  received, freely I give unto you my Lord Jesus,  Matt 10: 8, Rom 8: 32,      (2Chr7:14)

"The Storms of Life" 

The storms of life...Matt. 8: 23-27


I see the storms of life whipping and lashing out at me beating at the ship that I am in.


"...Then I remember that I am not alone..."


I walk over to the corner Jesus is asleep in, I lay down next to Him resting my head on His sholder trusting, believing in Him.


"Then He speaks to the storm...PEACE BE STILL, and know that I AM GOD." Ps. 46:10


Inspired by the Holy Spirit,

(Written by) E. C.

Evelyn Colarelli 


"Heaven Sent"

( Added, Corrected ) on Date 6/1/2023

“Heaven Sent”

(Matthew 6: 19-21, KJV)

Hi, Mom and Dad…did you know I was sent from a crib in heaven?

Where I was waiting for you, I played with Jesus and baby angels.

God said I am your special Treasure, sent from the Throne-

Room, above to grace your life with joy, peace, and Love.

A precious Jewel to polish and buff till I sparkle and shine

Just like you!

I am so glad, I am, so glad" that God sent me to you."


Inspired by Holy Spirit,

Written by Evelyn Colarelli

Published 01/17/2013

Copyright @2013 by E. C.

Edited on 11/26/2022,


I believe the poems I was inspired to write, was by the Holy Spirit. To reveal hidden truths that are hidden in plain sight in the word of God to test the heart, and that only the Lord Jesus' disciples can interpret, understand. Thus, exposing the light from the darkness.   


However, I believe also that my beloved Lord Jesus Christ uses the weak to confound the strong. Thus there is a

deeper spiritual meaning to these poems exposing a greater depth of our Lord Jesus Christ. As deep calls to deep in pure wonderment of God's word. The depth of God's heart is his only begotten Son, God's love manifested in the flesh that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 

"For the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked. Who can know it? Only God can try the rains of the heart.


"Mans's heart in this hour is bankrupt." Please contemplate on these words-As the church goes, so does the world follow." 


In a  DEEP STATE of confusion dose the CHURCH, and GOVERNMENTS, find themselves.

The signs of the times show the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ for his Faithful Bride.

(A Mystery Revealed)

The reason for Trump's election was to fulfill a promise several U.S. presidents made to Isreal. To make Jerusalem, Isreal's capital. This was not part of the Deep State agenda, but it was in God's timing.

Also, Trump was divinely elected to expose the

DEEP STATE in GOVERNMENT and through  Trump's spiritual adviser Paula White who has been exposed to be a false teacher. preacher and now a prophet! Exposing the DEEP STATE in government and (false prophets) in the CHURCH.


The Deep State in government and Deep State in the Church are promoting the same thing. Their Prosperity for the elected few, eventually forming one world-order Government and Religion. They promote themself continuously- DECEIVED.




 The hidden treasures of dark places" 

"Are the lost, hurting, and dying of this world!  They are the hidden treasures of dark places."

If you have the mind of Christ Jesus you know that he died for our sins...all, the lost hurting, dying of this world.

" To set us free from the wages of sin for the wages of sin is Death.! 

"Listen and hear, what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Lord's Beloved, Bride Church..."

The wages sin pays is DEATH.

Note: There are many churches, but, only one Beloved Bride, she is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and Jesus our Yeshua is her Chief corner stone holding her up by His strength and hell shall not prevail against her, for no weapon formed against her shall prosper. Therefore she carries God's Truth in her bosom, to feed the milk of the word 1st...she is so full of, the TRUTH, that the pressure of the word in her is waiting to burst forth to feed the hungry! " The precious ones the lost hurting and dying of this world." 

Note: The false gospels that have been fed to the world have a mixture of truth and fiction. These false ones either starve you of the word as a baby Christian (milk of the word) or gorge you with the meat of the word causing you to starve or vomit up the word for it is not the pure word of God...it is contaminated by the tares who have been planted in the church by Satan. These disciples of Satan promote each other. Until their no longer of use to Satan, their expendable and easily explained away. For they are all well schooled by their unholy spirit to lie, for lies are the opposite of the truth. (John 8: 44-47, read whole chapter 8:1-59,) Jesus is the Truth which has come to set humanity free.

"For God so loved the world John 3: 16, "Please read my next posting it will be titled?  


 Date 2/13/2023


"Be not, weary in well doing"beloved ones" 

For so prideful are the false ones, so blinded by Satan- the angle of light-This false light that has blinded them is a counterfeit light full of false riches the glitz and glamour of this world that they cannot see the Truth that came to set them free! So you can be sure they will use the Truth-word of the Lord and twist it than put their spin on it, as Satan did in the Garden of Eden. These are the ones who do not know the Lord they will be in denial even as they stand before Him, as our Lord says, I know you not!

They believe if they say they accept me as their savior they know me! Yet, they do not accept my word by the Holy Spirit they choose not to obey me. Following after (other gods by another spirit) man's voice rather than mine. They have not drawn close to me, therefore they do not know or Trust in me. ' Now, their way, is the way of deception, they deceive and are being deceived.

The enemy has tried to keep my bride from me, by the enemy's false teachers-prophets having polluted and twisted my word confusing my beloved and the world! 

"How can the Father send you to me when you are not ready for me? This is so sad for I long for thee, I have been faithful my beloved, to prepare a place for you. I would never leave or forsake you, that is why I sent the Holy Spirit to you. Be assured the battle is mine and I will repay and I will redeem the time for you, and make you ready despite the enemy's lies. Remember he is very charismatic, charming cunning, and he thinks himself to be all together, lovely and wonderful! For they are Satan's disciples full of Satan's character, thinking they are little Gods and now they are begotten Sons of God as this delusion grows, be very stealthy around these little snake-like willie creatures and all their devices, their sting is deadly lies-male and female alike, they come as angles of light. Deception is Aglow, with this-false light. This false light dims as they age their countenance changes from hypnotic wide smiling faces to snake-like countenance their behavior, goes from life (good) to (evil) death. Their corruption is death without redemption, choosing darkness over the light of the world. 


Rejoice, I say, rejoice in all things, and again I say, rejoice! For the joy of the Lord is your strength and if you believe, trust in Jesus our Yeshua. Nothing in any way shall harm you beloved of God.


"I, that I AM, do not want to see sad eyes when you praise and worship me, for the Truth-(word of God, Jesus by his blood has set you free to worship in Spirit-(by the Holy Spirit)-and Truth. When you belong to me you have no fear, for fear has torment I came to give you life, and that more abundantly life eternally, time without end! The day of wrath is not for you my beloved ones be content and look up as your redemption draws near Trust in me, as I trust the Father to know the hour and day of my return for my bride. As I am about my Father's business you too must be about the Father's business, beloved of mine. I will come quickly as a thief in the night! However, you who are faithful will be ready in and out of season and about the Father's business. 


"Remember the eyes are the mirror of your soul."However be not decived, for Satan comes as a angle of light!



Stay away from all,  of Trump's spiritual advisers. Trump and his spiritual adviser Pula White are just a pawn in God's hands. For God's will is sovereign, he is in control of all things and he has left no stone unturned. Satan has no weapon ever formed he can use against you. Only your prideful selfish, self-will, can he use against you and me. 


"Moreover, I AM, that I AM, will always win. For I know the beginning and the end of all things and my Son finished it.


I wasn't released until now to share this word, that

Trump lost his second term to expose Paula White's lies, and more! She prophesied Trump's second term would be greater than his first! Now, they, her, and her word of faith people, and others that are with her are desperate for Trump to be elected again!   


However, God's will is not a game of chance. Father God's will is Soverion and his will is being done on earth as it is in heaven. Whether Trump is elected or not my God is in total control and well able to clean up his house



The wealth of the wicked, is the lost children and they are the hidden treasures of dark places, that our Lord died for, and he wants his bride to nurse these babies no matter their age. Thus adding jewels to her crown, BEFORE THE RAPTURE


Note: If you look up you will see jewels glittering in the sky-we call them stars. These jewels are being prepared by the Lord Jesus Christ for his bride and in return, she will lay her crown with the many jewels at her Lord of Lord and King of King's feet! Giving him all the  Honor, Glory, and Praise, forever and again without end amen.

A Mystery revealed?


(Eyes have not seen or ears heard what Jesus has prepared for those that Love him


" To those who are

false, their mindset and their treasure and prosperity are in this world's wealth-money! The love of money is the root of all evil.

I will not add scripture or verse hear. You, test the spirit to see if I am of God...in other words, look up scriptures in the bible for yourself and test me, or anyone else who is a follower of Jesus Christ, professing to be his disciple.

Anyone can look up the scripture and anyone can take scripture out of the context to prove their point. you and I need the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us to test the word in us and others. 

Satan twisted God's word in the Garden of Eden, and his disciples follow his example! With all their stealthy devices.

"However, I AM, who is God. "KNOWS ALL-THINGS."  

We-the Lord's beloved, who is full of the Holy Spirit is going to show evil what stealthy is all about! By overcoming evil with good. The enemy has not seen, anything yet, ha, ha, no Pun intended!

Arise and shine my beloved ones. For the enemy is just spinning his wheels, trying to find a foothold a kink in our armor. So put on the full armorr of God on! Remember beloved ones to die is gain. 

Date 2/15/2023 

Scriptures, H. S. just directed me to read.

(Luke 10: 19, and



Confusion, confusion, all, is confusion is the enemy's portion.




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