"Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts: the whole earth is full of His Glory" Isa. 6: 3 "Glory to the Highest name, that is above every name" [Phil 2: 1-11] "JESUS-YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH" [John 3: 16-21] {Sight established on June /20/13}
"Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts: the whole earth is full of His Glory" Isa. 6: 3 "Glory to the Highest name, that is above every name" [Phil 2: 1-11]"JESUS-YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH" [John 3: 16-21]   {Sight established on June /20/13}

"New message at bottom of this page, Date is written 2/8/2021"

NOTE: Date 7/13/2021 New message, please reread this page. My one and only desire are that the Lord's beloved church bride come to the place where she will be ready for this end-time move of God. Pray for your enemy's do good to those who despitefully use you and persecute you...if we do this then Jesus the Lord of host will fight for us. Remember this that the Lord is not willing that any perish but that all come to repentance. Just pray in the Spirit and in the understanding, above all let your prayers be according to the Fathers will be done on earth as it is in heaven. "With all your faith embrace the Father-Son and Holy Spirit...never fear. For the Father's will is being done, he is near to all that love him." Amen E. C.

"Purge me with Hyssop, and I shall be Whiter then Snow." Ps. 51: 7; 2 Tim. 2:  19-26,

"Before I go forward I want to thank you, Lord, for keeping my family and i safe from the coronavirus! Also for your deliverance from the enemy, and your protection for those who had, or have this virus, and be with those who have lost love ones to it. Amen

I had a more intense longer word for 2021 however I believe the short version is to the point, is always better. So I removed the long word from my website. However, the enemy has tried to steal the election! The Lord is in control his will is being done and justice is coming to the unjust. <Word of encouragement faith is the substance of things we hope for the evidence not seen.> Remembering always the just shall live by faith. Date 12:45 1/6/2021 


 FOR 2021 AND BEYOND. I AM HEARING SAFE HANDS, SAFE HANDS OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I SENCE BIG CHANGE IS COMING FOR THE LORDS BRIDE. Be encouraged and strong in the Lord and the power of his might. He is faithful and true and nothing in any way shall harm you beloved of God.




"I believe God is in control and nothing is too hard for him."


I continue to see going forward that there is a spirit of Esther (type and shadow of Bride) and Moses (type and shadow of Jesus) on the church (crying let my people go) these are prepared vessels cleansed and purified, through the word by the Holy Spirit. (This spirit-by my Holy Spirit will be so strong it will go into the secular world also drawing the lost hurting and dying saying let my people go!) My vessels have been through the fire for the Father's use and purpose, for a time such as this. They stand on the holy ground of the word of God and will not be moved. "Yes, there are many false prophets in the land trying to block my chosen vessels' way and they will seem to gain ground but my chosen ones will do exploits by my hand. For I am the same yesterday, today, and forever for I never change. What I have done for others I will do for you. My Bride must test every spirit by my word. For the false, are wolves that come to you in sheep clothing. Moreover, these false teachers, prophets are like ravenous wolves seeking whom they might devour.  Look to my word and not man's words. Do not place your faith in their books for the enemy has flooded the church with their books. You must aline their every word with my word gospel. 


Beloved do everything in moderation, there is no quick, easy way to know me, as I really am, you must study to make yourself approved workmen unto God. My bride knows me intimately, for she has drawn close to me.  (Note: I personally study the King James Bible-was led as a young Christian by the Holy Spirit to do this.  I have tried to read other interpretations to no avail.)


My sheep hear my voice and another they will not fallow. Also, remember Satan is called the prince of the air for a reason, I believe it's so he can, has, and will continue to use the airways to promote himself. Remember this church, the enemy might look like he has the upper hand but the word of God I read says it is finished. Now it is up to us to live by faith, for the just shall live by faith. "Looking forward to 2021 and beyond. I pray you are encouraged going forward in the word of God. "Study God's word is a key" Love E. C. 1/6/2021 


2020 WAS A YEAR OF DOUBLE GRACE FOR DOUBLE TROUBLE and this truly came to pass. The Holy Spirit often gives me a few short words to say much! Beloved, if you speak to the Lord he will speak to you. My sheep hear my voice and another they will not fallow. If you are filled with the Holy Spirit you are the temple of the Holy Spirit and he will lead and guide you to the truth and the truth (Jesus) shall set you free. Peace and Love E. C.





"Please note I have been warned indirectly by a so-called prophet that if I did not do as I was prophesied to do I would lose my anointing-the way he put it was use it or lose it.!  This was said to justify why his prophecy did not or has not come to pass. What a silly man to try and place fear in my heart!" The Lord always goes before me to prepare the way and my Lord warned me away from this man and his plans for me a long time ago!


I mean this person no harm, but my Lord warned me beforehand not to go anywhere near this man's ministry.  This man is now making excuses why the prophecy he was believing in did not come to pass. 'This prophecy includes me in it. "Lord, please help this man see the truth. I pray no harm comes to this man and his family." 7/31/2021 I speak peace to them. Amen, 


As for me, I place my hope, faith in my Lord Jesus Christ, and his word. I have peace in my heart and I am where the Lord wants me." If I have any power it is for my Lord's glory and not for man to use to glorify self."


I trust no man, I only trust in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  By the way, if God has given me power and I do not use it for his glory, I deserve to lose it. 'However, I know I live and move and have my being in him my Lord Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace, and he has given me his peace, and love that passes all understanding. While he is teaching me his ways, for His ways are so much higher than my-our ways. I bow before him for I am committed and submitted to him and him alone.


"I pray to be prepared in every way, most of all that I have on the mind of Christ by the teaching of the Holy Spirit, and therefore by his holy word my character will be changed, and my attributes are worthy before he uses me!"


"For to bring dishonor to him in any way shape or form is very grievous to me! Father God and Holy Spirit please, help me, increase my faith, or whatever it takes that I might be a vessel of honor unto your only begotten Son Jesus Christ.





"I have warned and forgiven my enemy's. Now in your name, "THE NAME OF JESUS THAT NAME THAT IS ABOVE EVERY NAME" I now bind any wicket plans of the enemy whether in natural form or spiritual form from interfering with your positioning of your bride, church from going forward as you make her way straight. Amen,  (Matthew 18: 1-16-19)

E. C. 2/18/2021,

Date 7/31/2021







"Freely I have  recived,, freely I give unto you my Lord Jesus,  Matt 10: 8, Rom 8: 32,      (2Chr7:14)

"The Storm's of Life" 

The storms of life...Matt. 8: 23-27


I see the storms of life whipping and lashing out at me beating at the ship that I am in.


"...Then I remember that I am not alone..."


I walk over to the corner Jesus is asleep in, I lay down next to Him resting my head on His sholder trusting, believing in Him.


"Then He speaks to the storm...PEACE BE STILL, and know that I AM GOD." Ps. 46:10


Inspired by the Holy Spirit,

(Written by) E. C.

Evelyn Colarelli 




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